Food stuff.

I plan on sharing some smoothie recipes here- and some other treats!!

Smoothie ‘Base’

I basically use the same base ingredients for my smoothies, and then I expand on that.

Liquid: 1-1.25 cups of unsweetened cashew milk (depending on your need the liquid can be many things, almond milk, soy, water, etc…)

1 frozen banana (bananas give a nice texture, I prefer smoothies cold, so I freeze them)

1/4 cup of gluten free soaked oats (optional, also for texture, and fiber)

1 Tablespoon of soaked Chia seeds (optional, for protein and Omega’s)

Some type of greens (I use 2 ish cups, this is also optional, I use then about 90% of the time- they add fiber as well as antioxidants, and volume)

1-2 pitted dates (I usually soak these as well, for sweetness, and yes, optional)


Almond-Cherry-Green (smoothie)

I started with my base- and used all of it.

Next added 1 Cup of frozen cherries

1 Tablespoon of Organic Almond Butter

You really have to blend the crap out of it. The dates will stay chunky if you don’t. We don’t have a commercial blender, so I am usually left with a few chunks.

This is a higher calorie smoothie, I will do these on days that I am very active, or not going to be eating for a while.


Kcalories: 678

Protein: 17g

Carbs: 110g (18g of Fiber)

Fat: 22g