Kettlebell Gear

I love experimenting with new gear, finding new stuff and trying it out.

Newest Purchase (March 2016): Kettlebell Kings 16kg bell. After Bell-Gate in 2015 at Nationals in Chicago and the ‘standardization’ of a 35mm handle, I finally decided to get one for myself. I plan on slowly growing my collection of equipment. My little hands need to get used to these larger handles and smaller window. What a great company to work with! You can find the bell here. You can also find discount codes as well as FREE shipping!  Hey, every little bit helps!!!! Also, check out their blog! Lotsa good info!









I recently retired my old lifting shoes and upgraded to these. I am really liking the support they offer without breaking the bank. I would love to try out some Nike’s at some point, but they have a higher price point. Here is an article on why shoes matter.







Surprisingly Etsy has a lot of options. One purchase was this t-shirt. Another purchase was this tank:


It can be found here. I love it. Represents me well.

Wrist protection is important. I use these and sometimes these. You can read more about my review of wrist protection on this post.



4 thoughts on “Kettlebell Gear

  1. I just finished making a kettlebell spreadsheet for MS Excel and Oo Calc, where you can save your results and follow your progress. I named it My Kettlebell Diary. That’s how I found your blog. 😀

    You can download the files from here:
    Microsoft Office Excel version:

    OpenOffice Calc version:

    They are free for everyone.


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