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To get better, one must always learn, young lifter.

I am always trying to be a better lifter. That is the beauty about lifting- or any sport. You may be able to achieve the number one position in your sport, but does that mean that you CAN’T get better? I think we can ALWAYS get better. And not just in a sport, but life… Continue reading To get better, one must always learn, young lifter.

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A different point of view….

It has been many weeks, 6, 8? or so that I have not been training- for a competition. It has been refreshing, and definitely necessary for my psyche. I am struggling, because training for something is so important to me, keeps me motivated, and getting stronger, but taking some time away from HAVING to do… Continue reading A different point of view….

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Compete and educate.

It has been almost 3 full days since the NKSO and a kettlebell instructional seminar with Denis Vasilev. Let me tell you, what a great weekend it was. Got in Friday, weighed in, ate a salad, went to bed. Slept like poop, went to the venue site, talked, judges meeting (yes, Lynn and I judged),… Continue reading Compete and educate.