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To get better, one must always learn, young lifter.

I am always trying to be a better lifter. That is the beauty about lifting- or any sport. You may be able to achieve the number one position in your sport, but does that mean that you CAN’T get better? I think we can ALWAYS get better. And not just in a sport, but life I would imagine. To make myself a BETTER continuously evolving lifter I have made some investments as of late. Not only to make myself better but to be able to make OTHERS better. I love this sport so much that I want to help others love it too!

I am a stickler for form. With great form comes great strength, efficiency, confidence and beauty. Consistency in training, and in KB sport, judging in particular WILL make this sport BETTER! In attempts to make myself a better teacher and practitioner of the sport I am making some investments in myself, so then, I can hopefully influence and ‘make’ some high quality lifters! Next month, I am taking a 2 day certification course, and then in June I am taking another certification course.  In my years lifting I have found it difficult to decide who to go through for certifications, what the best investment for my money will be, so on…. For me, it came to: 1) location and geography- I have to physically be ABLE to attend, and 2) price. These next two certs that I have invested in are relatively close to home, and relatively affordable (Not cheap). I have made an investment, but I want to be better and I want to make others better. A small price to pay for HIGH quality lifting I think. My hope is that I someday, will be able to teach kettlebell lifting, of course while also ALWAYS learning.  I am also thankful that the teachers of these courses are willing to share their knowledge, that attendees are able to also share!

For me to teach, I must learn, and I must teach correctly (do as I say, not as I do??). I see videos of coaches and students, and then I see questionable form. Yes, we all start somewhere. I did, and it was not pretty. However, if it could lead to injury, it must be stopped. There is NO SHAME in going down a bell weight because form is compromised. Take the time, do it right, and move up as your body allows, not what you think you can push yourself to!  I think, in general lifters so bad want to crush numbers, I am right there too, but we must remember that while we have goals, we must not let numbers get in the way of the vessel that we use to get there! Listen to your body!!!!!!!! And then, I will make you better!



Humility in strength, calm in chaos

Happy Lifting.







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