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Need a quick workout? Here is an idea:

I work 12 hour shifts, at night, all night (and they usually last about 13 hours- and I don’t sit the entire time or even 1/2 the time). I do not want my training to take a back seat because of my work schedule, so I try to get in a lift, absolutely no longer than 60 minutes, including warm up, mobility, training and stretching. I am tired after being up all night, but not losing the ground I have gained is pretty important to me. After a night shift, instead of focusing on working on say, snatch, and jerk, I will focus on one lift. This way, my workout does not get too long, and I go in with a purpose.

Here we go:

1- Get mobile, I spend 10 minutes here, warming up. Since I am not starting directly from my bed to my car to the gym, I can actually spend a little LESS time here, than I would on a day off. However, as of late, I have added a few extra moves in to help with shoulder and hip mobility. (If you have any questions about that email me!)

2-Build some HEAT- I will build some heat by doing some basic moves, usually 3-4 exercises, 3-4 rounds, just moving. Swings, push ups, squats (not excluding lunges), some mobility work, and maybe a little core. 10 minutes spent here.

3- Get into my lifts. Today, for example I worked on snatching. After a night shift, I typically keep the bells a little lighter, I may also spend some time looking in the mirror and really focusing on technique. I am not going in to break records, I just don’t wanna move backwards. I do a snatch warm-up, today it was a 10kg swing-snatch for 4 minutes (2 minutes per arm). 2 minute rest. Swing-snatch 14kg 6 minutes (3 minutes per arm). Rest 3 minutes. 3 rounds of 16kg snatch- 4 minutes of work (2 minutes each arm), 2 minutes of rest. This took about 35 minutes.

4- I closed with planks/ some abdominal work, lunges and STRETCHING!!!! 10 minutes!!!

That is how you GET IT DONE!!!!


Happy lifting!




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