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A different point of view….

It has been many weeks, 6, 8? or so that I have not been training- for a competition. It has been refreshing, and definitely necessary for my psyche. I am struggling, because training for something is so important to me, keeps me motivated, and getting stronger, but taking some time away from HAVING to do something truly has it’s benefits.

I am enjoying the aspect of “working out” instead of being on a cycle, having to put up numbers, blah, blah, blah….. It is nice to sit here and tell you how awesome kettlebells are, how they can change your mind and body, and not be worried about the next prize. I am not sure how long this will go on, and i am working on some other goals, like more double work, refining my squat technique, my snatch technique and my cardio.

It is so refreshing to be coaching Lynn, and not to be focusing on my own numbers. Devoting time to her training, and her progress is rewarding. She impresses me everyday, not just because of her numbers, but because of all of her accomplishments, and the simple fact that she gives it her all (and tries to rest when I tell her too!!). I have grown in the sport because of her, she makes me want to improve, so I can help her improve. Right now, we have our eyes on Dublin! It is no easy task working toward this goal. I want, with all my heart for Lynn to be successful, and to be happy and satisfied with her performance, secondary to that is the amount of reps that we are working towards. My friend, Tony, will also be going to Dublin. It really is fascinating to watch him through his cycles as well. Watching them both has really reminded me that besides technique and numbers there is something else to think about on the platform. All competitors must be able to relax In the middle of the chaos, in the middle, the start of the last minute of their set. Being able to take a millisecond to SETTLE IN!!! Come into yourself, and relax. We get so worried, and antsy, and caught-up-in-the-moment that sometimes we forget how to stop, take an extra breath and remind ourselves to SETTLE. It is the hardest part, and takes the most practice. It is what will take you through when your muscles want to quit.

Happy training, or just plain-old working out!




5 thoughts on “A different point of view….

  1. You Cindy are such an inspiration to me. I have come a long way with my training as you as my coach. I’m learning all the time from you. Yes I will be 60 in Feburay but I feel so much younger because of you. I’m going to make you proud of me in Dublin. You are always there for me. Not just in Kettlebell s! I’m learning trying to settle in more with my lifting. What you have said here is so true. I will keep working at everything you are teaching me. You are strong in every way and I admire that about you. I’m always looking forward to my next homework that you give me. I could go on and on! I do believe you are one of the best lifters out there! I do know you are the best coach Ever!!!!!

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