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Just a little of life.

Life is in full swing again. I have decided to not compete for a little while. After all the comps and training this year I talked to my coach and decided to take a little step back. I was feeling burned and tired and just wanting to spend some time at home. And that is what I am doing. I am still lifting and working out, but more for pleaure instead of pain. Haaa. I have been missing going on long runs, yoga class and just being at home for a weekend.
After going to nationals in Chicago Lynn was invited to compete in the World competition in Dublin, Ireland in November. I can’t wait. We are already working hard and she is really giving it all she’s got. I worry about her burning out too. There is such a value to rest, it should never be underestimated, no matter how old or how great an athlete you are.
In other news I am getting my motorcycle license. Michael has a bike but it is too big for me to learn so I am taking a local class. So far so good and a lot of fun!
That’s All For now!

Happy resting!




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