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Compete and educate.

It has been almost 3 full days since the NKSO and a kettlebell instructional seminar with Denis Vasilev. Let me tell you, what a great weekend it was.

Got in Friday, weighed in, ate a salad, went to bed. Slept like poop, went to the venue site, talked, judges meeting (yes, Lynn and I judged), beginning ceremony, and the day was on strong! Lynn was first up, flight 4- her first 16kg snatch lift in competition. She did a 5 minute set, and killed it- 80 reps, a personal best, and a gold!!!!! My first set was flight 8- my 24kg OALC. I did 94 reps, earning a Master of Sport! I didn’t even realize it! Jenn, the event CEO came over and told me after the fact! A lot of women lifted 24’s that day, so I did not think I did anything special. My next flight was 14, my 10 minute snatch- my first attempt ever at 10 minutes. My amateur snatch style showed- dropped my bell at 7 minutes. I am getting very discouraged with my snatch, I can’t seem to find a good technique (more on this later). I think I managed 120-something reps. Lynn’s 12kg 5 minute flight was number 22- also killed it- 101 reps! I was so proud, she did an amazing job! She also achieved another gold!

Sunday we spent at a local gym in St. Catherine’s, Ontatio, Canada- Make it Happen, owned by Jen Hintenberger. She is amazing and the seminar was amazing. Denis explained a lot of the little movements within LC and jerk, as well as snatch. I learned a lot and plan on incorporating some of his ideas into my own sets and workouts.


I do not have any still photos as of yet- We only took video, and I will leave it to the talented Steve Borroughs for those.


Happy Lifting, Happy Independence Day,





Addendum- for photos see my Competition Photos page.


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