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As of late:

Preparation for Niagara Kettlebell Sport Open. I am super excited to go. It is the first competition in which I will be participating in two 10 minute events. Excited, and terrified, that is how I feel. I have been working pretty hard. I wish I was coming in at a lower weight, but for some reason, I can’t seem to drop any lately. Every woman’s complaint, I would imagine. So I will keep working and keep looking forward. I definitely have to say snatch is not easy for me, and is taking a lot of work. But my coach, Lorna, is keeping me in check. I really enjoyed last year’s competition and I am sure this year will be just as exciting. It is so close to home, I really can’t wait.

I am also very excited because the day after the competition is a kettlebell seminar of sorts with Denis Vasilev, a great lifter, who possesses a great deal of kettlebell knowledge, and wants to share it with a few of us. Lynn and I are attending and I can’t wait to soak it all in! Of course, I will be taking a lot of pics and video!

In other news, I am also training for the yearly Utica Boilermaker. I am hoping this will help me slim down for August and beyond.

Long Island City was such a great competition. Again, I am coming in heavier than I did last year, but I put up some strong numbers and had such a great time with Lynn, Garry, Devon (our hostess and Garry’s daughter), my coach and some new friends. Lynn also did great, 149 reps in a 10 minute 12kg snatch event. HOWEVER, her judge was NOT paying attention and she did 150 reps. Thanks buddy, thanks- for nothing. In my 10 minute OALC with a 20kg bell I did 124 reps. Honestly, I probably could have snuck a few more in, but I felt amazing and could have kept going! Also, my camera went missing. This was a huge disappointment. I honestly do not think I just lost it… booo. I will have to get my hands on one before Niagara. A few pics are posted here. I got to spend a little time with some kettlebell greats fitting me for a weight belt!


I do want to say a quick word about the importance of teammates and support. We need both, to grow in this sport and many. This sport is so young that it really requires uplifting by all, for all. (And please people come together with your tables and classes and everything!!!!!) I have not seen or felt a lot of this in a while. I love Lynn, I feel like we are our own team. We would not be here if it were not for others. Dom, he was my first coach, and still is such an important person in my life, but our old team is long gone. It is so unfortunate, because we could have been great. For me to continue to grow and progress I had to seek out further help and experience, that is why my coach is now Lorna. And under her, I have progressed well and I hope it continues. In LIC I witnessed something that was heart breaking- it may not have been intentional but it truly was crap. When you leave one teammate out what does that make your team? When you let one person poison everything you have worked so hard for- what does that do for your team? I know now I have 2 teams. I have team Lynn and Cindy, as well as team KettleX. Lynn I need to support me emotionally, KettleX is for the technical serious stuff. I love both. I need both.


That may sum it all up, for now!

Love to all! Now lift!




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