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training. and balance.

Sometimes fitting training into life, or life into training is hard. Balance is crucial. Emotional and mental balance are the most important factors, then all of the physical stuff. If you are having a hard time balancing life, you will not be able to balance a kettlebell! I think this is why I have not posted in several weeks. To me it is so much more important to have balance in my life- maintaining relationships, doing my best at my job, than getting on my computer. I love writing about lifting, because I love lifting, but sometimes sitting here, looking at this screen is hard. And I am okay with that. As long as my family is happy, I see my friends, my patients got great care, my lifts, runs and yoga are done, then I can sit.

Right now I have a lot on the table. Work, and studying for a very important certification, training for the spring and summers very exciting competition list, also a few road races, it has been hard for me to even justify watching a little television.

Today, my set was crappy. I was supposed to do a 8min 22kg OALC set. I lasted 6 minutes. Usually, my lifts are great. The thought of not producing numbers that my coach expects is disappointing to me. But, I have to remember, that not every set can be a good one.

Well, I hope you are all lifting heavy and training smart.





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