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What’s good for the goose is good for….

…the goose. And that’s about it. After training, watching, and learning about kettlebells, and hoping to train, and watch and learn some more there is one SOLID truth that I have discovered about kettlebell lifting. What is good for me, and what works for me, may not, and may not have to work for you. Kettlebell lifting is all about progress, just like ANYTHING ELSE IN LIFE. As we do something more we should get better at it- and what I mean by get better is that we become more efficient, fluid and strong. (However, as most people know sometimes life means lifting takes a back seat.) The process in which we become more efficient, fluid, and strong is different for every person. For some the progression is quicker, for others not as quick- but this is all in comparison to someone ELSE. Sometimes, in kettlebell lifting we should stop LOOKING at someone else, and just focus on ME and MY REPS. You know what YOU want to accomplish- don’t let others sideline, sidetrack or intimidate you. Regardless of kettlebell weight, your age, your own weight, your own limitations, or advantages, this is ultimately your STORY and your GOALS. Yes, we lift competitively, but this a contest within yourself!

Now, excuse me, I am part Irish and I will be celebrating my heritage with some traditional Irish food with my family!!

stplep-title1(Maybe this is why I love that green bell!!)





4 thoughts on “What’s good for the goose is good for….

  1. everyone needs a good goose now and then…….That aside, I find as with living, life, just being, I acquire some knowledge from several different sources, digest it, make many mistakes ( as you have seen.) and come into my own style. As long as the principles of form are followed, those basic fundamentals I build on that. Sometimes I’m corrected by others. Sometimes I see the inherent error and need help or a good eye to better my style, my breathing. My most trusted tool is meditation. Used it to get through College studying and tests. I’m no Yogi. I’m not a Tibetan Buddhist seeking enlightenment and Buddhahood via the Diamond Vehicle. I’ve got a stable basic method of meditation that I carry to help my focus. Had it for years. And yes, I get rusty and have to practice that. But it works. And when I make a mistake, I get a good goose in ..well, wherever and I’m reminded to get back to basics, ie, my form, my breathing, my focus.
    Nuf of my BS. Onward and upward.

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