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Updates and kettlebell things.

I know it has been a few days since I posted. I will be honest, I have been busy. Something about working nights makes me less effective at getting normal, everyday things done.

As far as my training, I am working towards my goals in OALC with the 24kg. I have my doubts sometimes. I am tired, my forearms and knees ache, and sometimes you want to come up with every excuse to NOT lift because of the weather. I still do it though, because these things won’t matter on competition day, and these things don’t matter to my competition. My workouts have been simple, OALC, bumps, squats, deadlifts, abs, push-ups, pull-ups… I love it all. I actually have been entertaining the idea of competing in Biathlon (jerk and snatch), but we shall see, after the Arnold in 2 and 1/2 weeks. Lynn has also been working super hard, her specialty is snatch, but I really want her to gain some muscle. I believe GPP training is just as important as your competition lift.

In other news, one of the governing bodies, the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL)  in kettlebell is allowing women’s OALC, with a 16kg bell. While this is a SMALL step in the right direction, it still demonstrates the East’s “narrow-minded-ness” when it comes to women doing OALC, or doubles for that matter. Women have been doing long cycle for a LONG-LONG time, and it is about time to give them credit, and let them lift a larger weight than a 16kg bell. Some women in Europe and Russia don’t do long cycle because it is frowned upon- something about breasts? I think. Really, I still have mine, as well as countless of other women.  The official letter can be found here. I am not sure what it is about OALC, or someday hopefully doubles, but I love it. I love getting comfortable in my rack and smashing that bell over my head. The other thing that kettlebell sport needs is regulation. We, it, everyone, will never progress to an Olympic Sport without drug testing, some type of background check, and whatever else athletes go through. Kettlebell sport has a lot of growing to do, and the powers at be should set aside their egos for the sake of growing the sport, have one body and one mind, with one vision. To get this freakin awesome sport in the OLYMPICS!!!

Other little thingys. Over the last few weeks, I think I have done much more social networking with-in the sport. It only took me changing my Facebook profile picture to one of a competition I was in.  And if it weren’t for all of these new friends, I do believe it is actually time for a Facebook break. I like to do that sometimes- just delete my account for a few weeks, like a cleanse. I do not post a lot about training, even though some people think I should. Sometimes I find it a little to egotistical. My husband thinks that I should do more, because he wants to see me sponsored. I want to be sponsored. I am just really unsure if I am ready to put myself out like that. I did start a twitter page, my handle is: @cindyliciousrn or kettlebell Cindy. So, I am trying, or will try to try harder.

I hope you are all well, and staying warm.

Happy training,






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