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Swing a little this, Swing a little that.

I don’t think we swing enough. I don’t think you have to swing a lot, but it is vital in your kettlebell sport progression. I want to share a portion of a  little workout I put together for Lynn. Simple, effective, sweaty, swinging!
Make sure you are warmed up. Make sure you have chalk and gloves, and bells (duh).
This first portion is 2 handed swings, 30 seconds of work, 30 of rest (make sure all bells are close!): 22kg swings, 20, 18, 16, 14 and 12 (this is 6 minutes). Next grab your little cheap gloves. Single arm swings, 20 seconds per arm, then 20 of rest: 16kg, 14, 12, 10, and last, 8. Don’t under estimate the glove. A very simple tool, with wonderful results. You can change this as you please, add, take away, its the concept, a little bit of intervals and all kinds of weight.

Today, I did some work with the 24kg, and my OALC (one arm long cycle). It was okay, I don’t think my performance is that great lately, but I loved how I finished my workout. I did 5 rounds of dead lift jumps (with one 20kg bell), some type of abdominal work, and 8-12 push ups. Then I did 3 rounds of swing squats (using a 16kg bell), 10 snatches per arm (used the 14 and 16) and abs. Then I stretched ( and had my protein). I have never done dead lift jumps before, I was inspirited by the Texas Kettlebell Academy (as usual) and I actually really liked them! They will be making frequent appearances!!

I hope you are all doing well! I will leave you with this: A patient recently asked (a few hours before her passing), “Where did my youth go?” Don’t waste your life, your time, or others time. Make the best of your life, for you and for everyone else that you encounter. Don’t have regrets and when you do it, do it big, do it well, do it all. My mom’s birthday is coming up- so make the most, of all the birthdays you are able to spend here.





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