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Many will start, few will win. The few, the proud, the RESOLUTER.

Well, here we are. We are just one page away from the end of 2014. A lot is going on, and I look forward to 2015 and pursuing many goals. One thing I dread about a new year, this one, past ones- is well, going to the gym with what I like to call  ‘Resoluters.’ People who decide to lose weight, get fit in the new year. Well, I don’t know why you need a new year to improve yourself, but I do know that after 3-4 weeks, 50% of you will no longer be at the gym, and 5-6 weeks there will only be 25% of you still pursuing your goals. I know old habits die hard. I give people credit who make an effort- but why be a resoluter? Just do it. Just get it done. Just be active, just lift, just sweat. That’s all I have for you, Resoluter.

In 2015 I am looking forward to new possibilities, new challenges, improving my times, and my lifts. I would love it if Michael and I could do some traveling as well. I am also thinking about starting a flexible dieting program- not for the new year. I need something that is a little more flexible and I am currently researching what works, what doesn’t.  A lot of  popular ‘cross-fitters’ and lifters follow flexible dieting rules- maybe I will be one of them.

I have had this blog for just about a year now. Wow! It has become an important part of my training. Sharing, thinking, brainstorming. Thank you for being on this journey with me!

I have a tentative calendar for 2015 in the works- I will share it soon. It just needs some work.

I will post a workout this weekend. And hopefully update some of my pages.

Everyone have a safe and happy NEW YEAR! I better not see you in the hospital!


Happy lifting, training, and holidays,






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