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A rep is a rep is a rep right?

Wrong. WRONG. Super WRONG.
If a lovely person is interested in lifting bells they don’t come to you asking to be taught incorrectly. In a traditional gym environment a trainer does not tell his client “Yeah, I want to see you take this exercise and perform it incorrectly while lifting as much as you can.” That is how people get hurt. That is how lifters get no-counts. That is why John Wild wants you to have a perfect set, one sexy-well-performed rep at-a-damn time. Whether lifting in biathlon, chair press, long cycle (single or double) or super technical snatch, each rep must be completed with intention and perfection. Kettlebell is a progression. You won’t be perfect within your first month or 12 for that matter. (I am proof.) There is always more to learn and improve on, but the goal must be to perform each rep well and with consistency. I am no expert. I have seen amazing sets and sub-par sets. If you can’t do it right don’t do it! You shouldn’t be doing it! If you have limitations work around them (that is when ‘perfect’ becomes relative). I don’t care how strong you are, if your form sucks then you need to drop your weight and re-evaluate. Great form gets you reps, and then gets you rankings, and makes for success. I don’t like being this serious, but I don’t want anyone to get hurt, or get a no-count, or get disqualified for that matter. I am always learning and evolving, progressing and changing in my lifts- there is always a place to grow and improve (just like in life). Knowing your limitations and stepping back and re-evaluating is always necessary to grow. Having great lifts, and crappy ones are all part of your progression. Asking questions doing research are important as well. The platform should be a great experience regardless of what bell you lift or your final count- just do it- perfectly.

This post was motivated by what I see, hear, and experience. Lynn is sharing with me what she learned in Germany- and the perfect set means that much more.

If you want to see some great technical lifting (long cycle) click here. You can follow Denis on youtube here. If you are like me and want even more info watch some of these videos as well as these.

Happy lifting!





2 thoughts on “A rep is a rep is a rep right?

  1. I couldn’t have said it any better! The form is everything as I have learned from some of the best lifters!! Cindy you are spot on! I also believe the judging has to change in the USA!

    1. Thank you Lynn! I agree on the judging big time. Stricter judging would probably lead to even better lifters. Americans are too sensitive sometimes…. is that insensitive of me,

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