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Yes, I count shoveling as exercise…

….Especially when I have not shoveled it in a year. And, I usually enjoy it. Gets me outside when I wanna be in my house, with my fuzzy slippers and something warm to drink. So I had a long, long day at work, left into a blizzard, finally made it home, ate, and shoveled- for a long while. Slept, woke, shoveled a little more and then went to get my lift on. The shoveling really did me in- I think. While it is a great warm-up, this is very wet, heavy snow, and I think it just exhausted me. But I love snow, I really do, and everything looks so fluffy.

But I won’t progress unless I work.
Got to the gym, did a light warm-up, some single hand swings, squats, etc. Warmed up for some OALC work with the 16kg and 20kg bells. I did 4 minutes at 9 RPM with the 24kg bell, a total of 36 reps, dropped down to the 18kg bell, total of 6 minutes and 72 reps completed. Did 3 minutes of 18kg snatch, for a total of 54 reps. My GPP suffered due to my shoveling. I did some sumo squats with a hand switch with a 20 kg, bell, some crunches, seated presses, and a few man-makers, which really just un-manned me. After lifting I did a brief stretch, and got in my protein.

I went to yoga in the afternoon. It was so nice to treat my body to something more gentle. I ask a lot of it, and don’t always fuel it the right way, and give it back what it needs. I think yoga did that for me today. There was only 3 of us in class so we all got a little extra attention and I got to learn more about some particular poses, and I love that. My upper body was tight at usual, but I felt so refreshed when I left. Sometimes, it is so opposite of lifting, and that is why I think I enjoy it so much. In other ways, it is so similar. In both, you have intention, attention to breathing, and progression. I think that they compliment one another very well. I also love walking into the studio. People are so warm and non judgmental- what if everywhere was like that? Just some food for thought.

Happy training and Namaste!





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