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Is it worth it, lemme work it…..

….I put my thang down, flip it and reverse it…. Yes, I just quoted Missy Elliot. I guess I was unsure of how to start this post. I think the next few weeks are going to be busy- work, (and more work because I picked up overtime- I am down to one job at the moment), family, another holiday, baking, and of course training. So I will pop in a post while I can.

In preparation for March’s competition at the Arnold, I am receiving some direction. I am excited about where this will take me. My lift today was intense, and I am a little sore from the mini-comp that Coach Dom held at the gym yesterday. I mostly judged, so I only got a few photos. I did a 5 min 16kg snatch, did 100 reps in about 4:45 and put my bell down. I didn’t train, it was all for fun! I love having fun with bells! It is so great to see some very young competitors joining the group. I will also be teaching a class on Christmas Day- as long as we get enough interest. Back to today. I did a quick warm up, got right into OALC (one arm long cycle) and then did a fair amount of conditioning. Straight leg dead-lifts, rows, pushups, pull-overs, ab work, pull-ups, and squats. I did a brief stretch after completion, and Dom and I did go to yoga tonight.

I am trying super hard to keep my diet really clean. Some days seem so much easier than others. Why is that? I wish hubby liked boring monotonous food like me! Then I wouldn’t have to cook! I love cooking and food, and trying new things, but I am happy to eat the same healthy thing most days. He, however, is not. I have not had much in the way of alcohol lately either. I had plans for Thanksgiving, but I was way to sick, and now I will wait for Christmas, and probably not much since its my goal to get down a full weight class by March! I will update my supplement page soon, I have made some adjustments!


Happy training everyone! Happy Holidays!




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