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OOOOO my legs!

I hope that everyone had a really nice Thanksgiving holiday. I was able to spend a few days with my family, and it was absolutely wonderful (with the exception of acquiring food poisoning on Thanksgiving- at least I didn’t gain any weight!). My family means everything to me, and I love spending time with them. Because of my illness I didn’t lift for about a week. It took a lot out of me. And getting back in the “swing” of things was not easy because I have been working nights for a little bit, and it generally throws me off a little. I love the hospital at night, but hate how I feel, and when all you want to do is sleep its hard to feel like you can get stuff accomplished.
My 2nd lift back was a toughy! I was inspired by the Texas Kettlebell Academy for this workout.
To started I rowed 750 meters and warmed up. I did 4 rounds of push-ups, dead lifts with 2 bells (no more than 2 20kg bells) and some abdominal work. Then I did some long cycle work: 2 swings, 2 cleans, 2 bumps, 2 jerks for a total of 5 minutes, switching hands 1/2 way through. Next came the hard part- the part brought to me by/inspired by the Texas Kettlebell Academy. 10 minutes of jump squats, 10 reps a minute, resting after all 10 reps are complete. I used a 16kg bell. It was super hard, I have never really done squats for time, and it was a nice challenge. I will do more things like this in the future. After those, I did a reverse long cycle ladder: 28kg 30 seconds per arm, then 30 seconds rest, 26kg bell, 24, 22, and 20. Then I worked on my pull-ups and stretched the crap out of myself and made sure to go to yoga that night.

I really wanted to head to SoCal for the Orange Kettlebell Club‘s competition February 28-March 1st. Unfortunately, I can not justify a flight, car rental, and everything else- it gets very pricey. I would have loved to see John Wild Buckley again, but until I can get there I decided to compete at the Arnold the weekend of March 6th. This is much more obtainable for me, and all I have to do is get a hotel. I guess training has officially commenced for that. I also am going to start running more frequently again and hope to get in some long road races next spring.

Happy training!




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