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Workout update uno.

Here is my lift from Monday 11/24.

Rowed 1000m and did my typical warm up. Then did 3 rounds of push-ups, lunges (8 per side- all different styles), abdominals, and dips (5-6 reps per round).

I started with double lean forwards and from that position (bells overhead) I went into a rack position for 30 seconds to a minute. For the first set I used 2 18kg bells, did 6 double leans, and held the rack for 40 seconds. Next set, 2 20kg bells, 5 double leans, and held them in my rack for 30 seconds. Lastly, I did the lightest weight-2 16’s, 9 double leans, and in the rack for one minute. Rack is your rest during long cycle. It is good to build your strength in this position. Placing your elbow on your hip makes for a decent “rest” and helps with fatigue. Double leans, as we know stengthen your thoracic muscles.

Moving on. I did one minute on, one minute off of double 16kg long cycle at 8 reps per minute. It actually felt pretty good. I was not as fatigued as I woud have thought. Next: double dead-lifts focusing on keeping my back upright- did 3 sets with 2 16’s, 2 18’s and 2 20s. For the last part of my lift I did long cycle and alternated with pull ups. I had planned for 3 sets, but eneded up doing 2, by this time I was tired. So, I did 8 reps of long cycle per arm with the 26kg bell, and then did 5 pull-ups. Keeping this theme I did 10 reps with the 24kg bell- per arm, and 5 chin-ups. I thought I would be done, but after watching some of the world competition I decided to mess around with my snatch. SO I did a few reps with the 24kg bell, mostly just to see if I even could. And I did- so I incorporated them into Tuesdays lift. Lastly I stretched =) And in the evening I went to yoga.

Happy lifting.







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