Workout update dos (2) and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Given that today is Thanksgiving, mom’s favorite holiday, I will be with my family, and my workout will consist of something in the hotel gym in the morning and filling my belly and my heart for the rest of the day. (We were supposed to run a 5K but it is super slick outside!) I love this day. No presents, no craziness- just hanging out with people I love (and food).

Usually, I try not to lift 2 days in a row, mostly because I want to rest for the next lift, but due to traveling and the holiday I just lifted Monday and Tuesday and I will be back to bells on Saturday.

Tuesdays lift:

I started with a 750m row and my usual warm up. I wanted to get a little more cardio in this workout than a normal lift so I did 3 rounds of: 5 burpees, 20-30 squats with and without a bell, and rowed 200-250m. Got my heart pumping!! I added in 2 sets of renegade rows with L sifts for 2 sets each. Then I performed a little snatch warm-up/ form check with the 16 and 20. Did maybe a total of 15 reps per arm. (Side note: I have noticed that any snatch lifters have a slight undersquat on the “up” part of their lift. I started incorporating this into my heavier snatch.)
I performed a reverse ladder starting at 8 reps per side- to 7-to 6, you get it. I started with the 24, I did rungs 8 and 7, and it was not easy. For the rest of the ladder, all the way to one, I used the 22 kg bell. And snatch kills your hands- OUCH! I give all people credit who can do this for 10+ minutes. I had a blood blister at the end. Then I rested for about 2 minutes and did a reverse ladder with long cycle starting at 10 reps per side, working my way down, started with the 20kg bell to rung 6 then switched to the 22kg bell to finish,. That’s 110 long cycle reps. Lastly I added in a few pull-ups- I am trying really hard to get better at those, some abs, and a stretch! As usual consumed my whey protein post lift.

I hope that you all enjoy your families and loved ones today! Be thankful everyday!

Happy Thanksgiving.





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