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A review of Worlds 2014.

Just like every year, I try to be very optimistic about the weekend as a whole. And then I get sorely disappointed. Lynn and I arrived in Novi, Michigan, Friday afternoon, and right after getting to our room we went and weighed-in. I made weight by 2 pounds I starved myself all week, and then, as usual I was under. I really liked how they started weigh-ins early, rather than having to wait until 6pm. There were a lot less competitors this year. For the first time, they actually had music. So competition day, up early, a little food, coffee, and athlete meeting. This year, they decided that at this level of competition, they do not need to show examples of lifts done correctly. Well, they should have. Apparently, it is okay to cast while snatching, and have NO fixation while lifting. Of course, no bad lifters were stopped. And, apparently this could have included me. When I snatch I tend to shift my weight to the side. My judge told me, afterward that it shouldn’t be considered a full rep, even though I kept my bell up for a full second. Honestly, I had very little expectations for my snatch lift. I did a 16 kg bell, for 5 minutes with no snatch training. I do it for fun, pure and simple, or well, I did do it for fun. This was not my first time lifting snatch in competition, it was my 3rd, and the best part was the multiple complements I received after about my technique! Go figure. My first event was the long cycle jerk. My first attempt to go 10 minutes with the 24kg bell. I had a rep goal. No clock watching. I started with the Left arm. I am not sure, but I believe I completed 35 reps before switching. I switched to the right. I was feeling pretty good. I completed 44 reps and on the 44th-and-a-1/2 rep the bell came out of my hand, then it landed, and I felt hopeless. My heart left my body as that bell left my hand. My goal was 80 reps. I fell short of my goal by one rep. The ultimate disappointment. I was, and still am crushed. I almost cried on the platform. I worked hard, but not hard enough. So yeah, I failed. Lynn had her set at the same time as my long cycle. She did a 10 minute snatch with the 12kg. She completed 187 reps. I am so proud. She surpassed her goals and she has put the work in and is very deserving of it. Dom, Jen, Dana and Alicia also lifted. I hope they reached their goals. Now, lets fast forward to the end of the day, to awards. The event organizers decided to tell competitors at the end of the day that ALL weight classes were grouped together based on kettlebell weight used. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! They knew this ahead of time, and decided not to tell us until after the days events. This is despicable. My strategy could have been different, if they were honest. Registration closed a week before the event. They knew how FEW competitors would be lifting. They knew we were killing ourselves to make weight. They should be ashamed of themselves. I requested to do a 28kg 5 minute long cycle set- apparently that is only okay if you are two certain women. And from that, feel free to conclude that this will probably be my last trip to Worlds, organized by the IKFF. Here, on the interwebs I write about my lifting journey, the ups and the downs, this is definitely a down. A big one. Like, way down. I am not just disappointed in the IKFF organization, but have been disappointed in our team. I just love to lift, and do it next to amazing people.  I will keep working, and working hard to achieve my goals. I will write about the night after the competition later. And I got to meet the coolest kettlebell master.   I will rest tonight. Cindy   11.2.14


2 thoughts on “A review of Worlds 2014.

  1. Cindy, You said this so well. Thank you for putting it all out there. It was so great for me to be next to you on the platform. It made me even stronger to be next to one of the best in my book. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Lynn. It has been a pleasure to watch you on this journey. You have inspired me as well as many others. I wish I could have watched you but it was awesome being next to you as well!!! Xoxox

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