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a 5k and one hour long cycle!

October 18, 2014. What a day. It started with a 5k, with Michael, a tough course, I finished 2nd in my age group (25 minutes) and Michael finished 3rd in his group (very proud). Then we got home, he went to his rugby game, I went to the market, changed into new gym clothes, ate a little, drank more coffee, and headed to the gym to get ready for One Hour Long Cycle to benefit Kettlebells for Autism. Kettlebells for Austism is an organization that was started by my friend Christina Danos to raise awareness for those with autism. I was introduced to Christina through coach Dom. She is a fellow kettlebell lifter, who took her passion for lifting and began to use it to increase awareness about autism. 1HLC (One Hour Long Cycle) was done all over the world, and the lifting all happened in the same hour- no matter where you were, so to our fellow lifters on the other side of the world- you have my respect for lifting at ungodly hours. The bell could not touch the ground, whether lifting in a relay, or doing the full hour alone. There was a total of 71 countries, and I am sure hundreds of lifters! So awesome! At Roc Boxing, we had a total of 9 lifters (I would have loved more) and raised $275.00! I can’t wait to do this event next year!

A few minutes of our hour long set can be seen here: (we are a vocal group!)

First minute

30th minute

60th minute

 The group:

DSCN2501Information and Snack Table



Lara (Lynn and Jenn G.)


Tim (and Tony)IMG_8271

Katie (action shot)IMG_5573

Tim and TonyIMG_7068

Lara, Dom, and Jenn A.IMG_5202

Jenn A. and DomIMG_9820

The group working hard!IMG_8401Me




Jenn AIMG_5662




A few group shotsIMG_9680IMG_6268IMG_4438

I really want to thank everyone who came out , my cousin for taking the photos and videos and everyone who had to listen to me! You all did a great job!

Happy lifting!




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