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Eat, lift, sleep, work, repeat…..

Training for Worlds, in Michigan is well under way, even though I am not 100% I will be participating- yet. So I have a few pounds to lose before weigh-in. Should be no biggie. So lifting, cardio, and yoga are still going on, even though I am very busy working two jobs. Today, I am tired. But I got a decent lift in this morning. It is as follows:

I jumped rope for a few rounds, and did my normal warm-up. Then 2 rounds of push-ups, swing-snatch with gloves on and front squats. The moved on to long cycle jerk. First I did a minute per side- 18kg, then 22kg, then 26 kg. Then I did a 6 minute set- 3 minutes per side, managed 25 reps on the left and 27 on the right. I was hoping for 60 reps total, but I’ll take it. I feel like I should be able to do more, being 3.5 weeks out, but I will keep working. Then I did snatch 18kg, 1 min per side, L-sits, 16kg 1 min per side and a few more seconds of L-sits. Lastly I did 3 rounds of pull-ups, deadlifts, and double lean forwards. I finished with a stretch, protein powder, and yes, had to get to work.

I may only be posting once a week for the next few weeks. Having to get my cardio on, in addition to everything else is leaving me spent.

My teammates are working hard for the AKA World Competition in Hamburg, Germany November 20-24. If you feel generous you can help them by clicking their name, Lynn and Dana. I am so excited for them!

Keep lifting people, and if you know anyone who wants a cat, get at me. I have bad allergies and this sweet cuteness needs a home.





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