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Keep on Keepin on.

Happy October!!!

Life is super busy at the moment, and I am doing my best to get all of my running, lifting and yoga in! As well as working two jobs so I can do all of these things I love! I lifted Monday, but it was not the greatest workout, and Lynn and I lifted today.

During Monday’s lift I incorporated some doubles work. I did double swings, 2 bell Bulgarian squats, and double lean forwards.

Today, I worked on long cycle, and a little bit of strength work and I had Lynn just doing some strength work. She is prepping for the World competition in Germany that starts November 20th. She will be competing in snatch, but who wants to do snatch everyday? So coach Dom and I balance her out with some heavier, non-snatch days.

My workout was as follows:

Row 600 meters and my typical warm up. Then 3 rounds of push-ups (no less than 12), L sits (holding as long as possible), and goblet squats (using a 12, 14 and 16kg bell). Long cycle jerk- 16kg bell (one side only) 10 reps/arm, 20kg bell 8 reps per arm. Then 40 seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest, 6 rounds per arm with the 24kg bell (6-7 reps every 40 seconds). Dynamic lift- High pull alternating with snatch (one arm only) 16 kg- 10 reps and 20kg 8 reps per arm (my hands were burning). Then just high pull 22kg 10 reps per arm.  Next, bent over rows with a chain (one day I will have to record a video of these) 16kg bell (12 reps per arm) then right to pistol squats (8 per leg), then 20kg bell rows (10 reps per arm) and pistols (on the box).  I finished with some abdominal work and dips as well as a nice stretch!

Lynn’s workout as follows (mostly, we did make some changes as we went).

Lynn also rowed, did a warm up and did 2 sets of pushups, L-sits and goblet squats. Next: overhead holds using 2 8kg bells, and I think she used the 10kg bells as well for 3 sets total. Next were suitcase squats, really focusing on her hips for 3 sets. Heavy high pulls 30 seconds per arm, for 3 rounds- I know she used the 16kg bell and the 18. Single arm dead lifts were next, really focusing on her hips and lowering her bum to the ground. She also did some squat work- using a seat to lower her butt to, and making sure to keep her back straight. Then she did some air squats, but instead of coming straight up to stand, alternating coming up- leaning to the right or left and making sure to squeeze on the way up and at the top. Next I had her do some heavy upright rows and she did it! She went as high as the 24kg bell! She finished her workout with farmer carries and a good stretch!


Keep working toward your goals, but don’t let them write your story!





2 thoughts on “Keep on Keepin on.

  1. Hey Cin, thank you so much for all of the training you are helping me with. I love being next to you. I feel strong when you give me workouts. The best part I enjoy reading your blog!!

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