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Sweating. I do it very well.

Yesterday, Thursday, I did get a lift in, but it was not at the gym. It took place on my deck. The weather has been wonderful, and I am glad I got to enjoy it.

I did a brief warm-up, then moved into 3 rounds of goblet squats to a press, 10 reps with the 16kg bell,  and swings with my baby bell- 25 per arm. Then took my baby bell and did 10 jerks per arm, 10 side bends per side, and 10 good mornings for 2 rounds. Next, I did some of what I like to call dynamic kettlebell lifts. With the 16kg bell I did a swing, then a snatch and a long cycle jerk- all of that equals one rep. I did 10 per side. The next dynamic lift I did was 2 swings, 2 cleans and 2 jerks with the 20 kg bell. I started with 8 per arm, then I did a 3.5 minute set just alternating- I did not count. Lastly, because I am kinda mostly getting ready for Worlds, I did a 24kg long cycle 36 reps total in 3.5 minutes, and in 5 minutes I did 60 reps with the 20 kg bell. Then I stretched because it is so important!

Today Lynn and I trained, but we did not do the same workout. My goal for today was to lift heavy and finish strong, as well as finish with a long, light long cycle set. It started with a row and warm up like usual, but my rowing was short- I did something to my left knee and it hurts when I bend too much- hopefully this will resolve soon- and no, I have not called the doctor, and no I will not rest unless it gets worse. I got into things quickly started with double swings, front squats (to as far as my knee let me- with 2 bells), L sits 5-10 seconds, and push-ups. I did this for 4 rounds, increasing my bell weight every round (started with 2 8kg bells, went up to 14 kg bells, and decreasing the reps every set).  Moving on, I did some double long cycle jerk work (in a reverse ladder format)- started with 2 16kg bells, did 8 reps, 2 14kg bells, 10 reps, 2 12 kg bells,  and did 14 reps. Next I moved on to single arm jerks, also started with the heavier bell, 28kg bell 8 reps per arm, 26kg bell 10 reps per arm, and to the 24kg bell for 12 reps per side. Next, cleans, also reverse ladder, started at the 32kg bell, then the 30 and then the 28. Next, and Lynn did some of this with me, was heavy high pulls. I don’t utilize this move enough. It strengthens the shoulders and back, and really, I need to just do more of them.  I did one arm at a time, starting with the 24kg bell, then the 22, and for my set with the 20 I did a high pull/snatch rotation. Snatching with the 20 felt GREAT! Lastly we did a longer light set, Lynn snatched the 8kg bell and I long cycled the 16kg bell for 7 minutes (I did 90 reps).

I won’t be lifting again until Monday because I have to work all weekend- but I do plan on getting my cardio on! I also will fail out of my yoga challenge by the end of this week, not because I am lazy but because of work. Not much I can do about it, but I still will be a yogi 2-3 times a week as long as time and schedule warrants.


Those are my lifts and I’m stickin to em!







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