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Last few dayzzz…

After not having worked a 12 hour shift in over a year, it was hard to get back in the swing (no pun intended), but I am so far really enjoying my new job. I know that a change of scenery is really what I NEEDED. Unfortunately, I was unable to get to the gym both days, mostly due to super tiredness and just not being used to those shifts. I wanted to go in the morning, but dragging myself outta bed at 4:30 isn’t easy either. I will try again soon.

Today I lifted, finally, but forgot some of my typical kettlebell gear, like wrist protection for example, so I did some lighter longer sets. I am not going to post today’s workout, because, well I did not write it down. I will tell you I did a 6 minute long cycle set- did about 80 reps, a snatch set and a double seated press set, as well as some GPP. I finished with some shoulder work, abs and stretching. Of course, after being done I drank my whey– and by the “whey” they have a sale right now and I did place an order!

IKFF World Competition is coming up soon and even though I am not 100% sure I am going to be able to participate but I am going to be training like I will be. I so, so, so badly want to do a 10 minute 24kg set. In my mind I am ready, I just have to get the rest of me ready!

My friend Garry also gave me some information on using doubles. I plan on implementing this into my training. I will share progress, and if he doesn’t mind I will share the articles he sent to me!


Keep lifting! Do Yoga!






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