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Saturday Lift.

Lynn and I got to work very early this morning!  Our workouts were different- this is based on our current goals, Lynn’s hands, and the residual of this cold I can’t seem to kick.

It began with rowing for warm up, and waking up our bodies, and then some kettlebell around the body. Next, I did 2 rounds of light swings (12kg, single arm, 25 reps per side), 15 push-ups, and 15 goblet squats (with the 12kg). Usually I will workout before getting into my competition lifts, but I did long cycle jerk first. Unfortunately, due to a combination of this cold and asthma, I did not go for time. Just worked a little heavy, it gives me a good idea of how much I need to be able to do for November. So I did 8 reps per side with the 20kg, just to get into the flow, and check my form. 11 reps per minute for one minute per side with the 24kg and then a 1 minute rest. 10 reps per minute, one minute per side with the 26kg bell and a one minute rest. 8 reps per minute, one minute per side with the 28kg bell (one minute rest), and 10 reps per minute, 1.5 minutes per side with the 22kg bell. Then my right hand re-split so I did not do any more. Booooooo. Moved on to L-sits and overhead holds. The overhead holds were with a single bell (I should have done 2), I used the 26kg bell for 30 seconds, 28 for 20 seconds, and the 22 for 45 seconds. Lynn’s lift focused on strength work- single arm rows, upright rows and overhead holds. I did mess around with a 16kg snatch for a few reps, but my hands were not very happy. Lastly we had a nice stretch and incorporated some yoga into the end of our lift. Of course, I had 1.5 scoops immediately after, to support muscle repair and growth. Nutrition is important when training!


Happy training. Don’t write the end of your story. Stay strong.






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