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Grab Charity By the Bells…

…Million Pound Lift.


1, 004,839 pounds were lifted. Go ROC Boxing. Way to represent. Coach Dom does a lot for the community (Coach Kat also had a huge hand in the day’s events). I’m not exactly sure who came up with the idea to raise money for a local children’s hospital (that exists, but a new one is being built) but it was a very, very good idea. I was very impressed by the turn out. Amateur lifters who represented a local rowing club, a martial arts gym, some average joes and us from ROC Boxing were there, sweating, lifting, enjoying each others company and lifting some more. This was my workout for Sunday, and I had to take Monday off, because well, I now am fighting some kind of virus, and I am super sore. Many people lifted, well, a lot. Dana,  fiance, Jeff lifted as well as my husband! I was pretty proud of both of them! To get to the goal, many members and lifters had set there own, whether 10,000 pounds or 20,000, it was awesome. I think everyone achieved their goals. I did not have one, I have no idea how much I did, but hope to find out what my total was. I started off strong, did varied lifts, jerk, long cycle jerk and snatches, but my hands ripped, so I just went to the 10kg and 8kg bells. I was so happy to be a part of such a special day. As of tonight I know that over $800.00 was raised, but I think that the total will rise, especially when internet donations get accounted for. I hope that coach does it again next year, and hopefully we can make it bigger. My amateur photog self took some photos (enjoy) (when I wasn’t lifting myself):

DSCN2371 DSCN2374 DSCN2373 DSCN2378 DSCN2380 DSCN2382 DSCN2386 DSCN2390 DSCN2393 DSCN2397 DSCN2399 DSCN2402 DSCN2406 DSCN2409 DSCN2408 DSCN2413 DSCN2414 DSCN2419 DSCN2422 DSCN2424 DSCN2423 DSCN2428 DSCN2429 DSCN2430 DSCN2438 DSCN2447 DSCN2451 DSCN2457 DSCN2460 DSCN2462 DSCN2467

What an awesome day, and what an awesome thing to be a part of. Great job!







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