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More lifting and more mountains.

Finally, things are beginning to settle down. It was an awesome and busy and relaxing week and it is coming to a close.

Wednesday, the 20th we went for a 4 mile (one way) hike with great climbing for about the last mile which was great for cardio, so I chose not to lift. As well as being asthmatic from little puppies who I love, I needed a little break (and a nasty spill I took while wake boarding). Here are some photos from the hike. And yes, I did handstand at the summit. You will see the trail to the summit of Peak Mountain and the summit itself.


 edited head



The day after the hike, got back home, took a real shower, attempted a run but couldn’t breathe, and lifted the next day. I did a simple workout before a very, very busy day. (While my awesome teammates got to compete in New York City- and won, mind you :).)  I started with light swings, 100 each side and crunches. Then went to the 16kg, 50 swings per arm, abdominal work for 2 rounds. I did a reverse ladder of 16kg high pulls and squats- so 10 high pulls right arm, left arm then 10 squats, then 9, 8, 7, and down to one. Then I worked on my jerks, see video here. (Yay! I made a video). I did 10 20kg jerks on the left, 10 on the right, repeat, 5 reps with the 24 on each side x2, all of this twice.

Of course, after seeing all this I do need to lose a few more pounds. I am all over it!

Happy Lifting.




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