Hump day bells.

Wednesday’s lift was fueled by one ounce of almonds and a cup of coffee.

To start I rowed 600 meters followed by a quick warm up. I got into it quick today, doing 3 rounds of jump squats (2 sets with body weight only, one set with 12kg on my back), pike push-ups (12-15 reps per round) and abs (hanging work).  Next, light cleans and quarter squats using 2 bells. First set of cleans used the 18kg bell 25 reps per side and 15 quarter squats with 2 12s overhead. Second set was 25 reps per side with the 20kg bell and 15 quarter squats with 2 14s overhead. Last set of cleans I used the 22kg bell, did 22 reps per arm and quarter squats with 2 16s overhead for 15 reps. Moving on. Single arm jerks and double lean forwards. (I am trying really hard to find a video on these, but I am having a hard time.)

I learned lean forwards from the Kettlebell Systema Application for Iphone.You can click here for the book on Double lean forwards are basically used to help develop thoracic, core and shoulder strength. Denis Kanygin’s kettlebell app is wonderful, taught me a lot, helps me with my workouts and it is FREE. He also has a very informative youtube channel.

Keep moving, keep sweating.






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