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What did you lift today?

There is a certain contagious kettlebell spirit flowing through Rochester, NY. Thanks to my friend, teammate and coach, Dana. Her and Lynn have been in the news because of their upcoming trip to NYC and Dana’s plan to make it to the USA kettlebell team to compete in Germany in November has made her very popular! You can watch/read the interview here. I am very proud for them, and as much as I wish I could go, I can’t.

My workout today consisted of some lighter upper body work (I am pretty sore from the weekend’s lift) and some pistol work. I am dieing to be able to do a pistol. I really want to purchase this guide but I will wait until I am employed full time again. Anyway.  Began by jumping rope for a few rounds and doing my basic warm-up. Then I did squats (with the jump rope over head) and pushups for 3 rounds. Moved on to swing-snatches 12kg bell, 20 per side, then one leg squats 8/side letting my but hit the box (plyometric box), 16kg swing-snatches 17 per side, again with the single leg squats, last round did the swing-snatch with the 20kg bell for 12 reps per side, and same with the squats. Next I moved to heavy cleans and roll-ups/lay down-stand ups. Basically these are an exercise where you start standing, then bend your knees, let yourself go all the way to the floor, like your back all the way to the floor, and come up basically in reverse. These are to help with quad strength while developing the pistol. I hold, with 2 hands, a 12kg bell about 8 inches away from my chest, to assist with balance. I do not practice these enough, so I did them today. Cleans I used the 26kg bell, did 12 reps on the left then the right, and did 5 roll-ups. Next, the 32kg bell 10 per side, then 5 roll-ups, lastly, 28kg bell 12 reps per side and 5 lay down-stand ups (or whatever you wanna call them- I could not find a decent video on you tube).  Then to finish off I did some long cycle jerks with the 18 and then the 16, and worked on my double Turkish get-ups. Then I stretched!

Happy lifting.







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