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I lift, you lift, we all lift. Now LIFT!

I have not posted a workout in a while, so here is one that I did Monday, August 4th.  I am kind of in a resting ‘zone’ at the moment, Worlds are coming up, but I have needed to take just a lil step back for my sanity as well as the tendonitis in my left elbow.

I jumped rope for a few rounds, and did my typical warm up routine. To really get moving, I did 25L and 25R single hand swings with the 12kg, 10-15 pushups, and 15-20 goblet squats for 3 rounds, increasing my kettlebell weight to 14 and 16 for the other 2 rounds (but making sure to keep the same reps). I love pushups! Such a simple yet effective tool that more women SHOULD do. Next, another FABULOUS exercise, an OLD exercise was Turkish get-ups. I performed 5 on each side with a 12kg, then 4 per side with the 14kg, then 3 on each side with the 16kg. I also like to mess around with double Turkish get-ups, but they require a lot of balance and hip flexibility. Then I did jerks, doubles, super setted with a squat, lunge left, lunge right for 3 rounds. I used 2 10kg bells with the 1st round, 2 12s, then 2 14s, and no weights with the leg movements. This was a BIG shoulder day! Moving on. Seated alternating presses, lunging while threading the bell through the legs for 2 rounds. Seated presses are no joke. The lift requires all upper body strength and no use of the legs. Then I did single arm rows followed by squats while holding a rope over my head (more about this one day) and dips for 2 rounds.

Afterwards I made sure to thoroughly stretch and do some head-standing.

Go lift! NOW!






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