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Bellz on the Beach. a review.

July 12, 2014, 9am, Charlotte Beach in Rochester, New York. ROC Boxing and Fitness held it’s 3rd annual Bellz on the Beach, and the 2nd year that it has been backed/endorsed by the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF). The IKFF is most known for its members/ ambassadors like Ken Blackburn, Steve Cotter and Donica Storino.¬† If I remember correctly there were about 20 competitors, from all over the area, newer lifters, and more seasoned lifters.

To start the day, we went over rules and proper technique. I like that Coach Dom did demonstration lifts- this is important because form is crucial. One thing that I did not like was that he mentioned that competitors had to show their knees- this is not a new rule in the world of kettlebell lifting, but it was not in the rules when people registered. I was not a violator but still ALL of the information should be out there- especially for those who represented other gyms, who do not see us regularly, or have not competed before. And, unfortunately I wish that there would have been more promotion for this years event. Everyone works so hard and there were few spectators. Bummer. I also wish that people (spectators) were aware of exactly WHAT competitors are lifting. Training for events takes a lot of time, time away from home, focus on diet, form, making weight and I wish people know HOW much competitors are putting OVER THEIR HEADS. You can see some photos under the competition photo page.

All that being said, I always have fun. I lift because I love it, and even though it is a competition, it is fun. I am not out to beat anyone but myself. Also, it is so small that I really did not COMPETE against anyone. For my lifts I did a 24kg long cycle jerk and a 16kg 5 minute snatch event. I have never done a snatch before in competition so I figured I would try it out. I think, if I remember correctly I did 102 reps in 5 minutes, it could be more but I really don’t remember. My love is the long cycle jerk, but I need to expand my horizons, especially because snatch is good for training. I do not remember what my teammates did, but they all did great! I did not do a 10 minute event because the next day I ran the Utica Boilermaker! I was not prepared for a total of 11,000 runners and the human obstacle course. My goal was under 85 minutes, and I finished in 84ish! It took 10 minutes to get to the start line after the race started! I took 165th out of almost 900 other ladies in my age group. I can’t wait to do it again!

I will not be competing at the AKA’s USA National Competition and World Qualifiers because sometimes family and life is more important, and now that I do not have permanent employment (for now), I really do not want to spend the dough to go to New York City. My goal is to complete in November at the IKFF World competition in Detroit, but my niece is also ‘supposed’ to make her arrival that weekend.


Keep Lifting.






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