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June 21 AKA. A Competition in Review

I know I have been a slack-a-lackin. Let me try to catch you up on things. I have been wanting to write a review/critique of our experience at the American Kettlebell Alliance’s 1st Kettlebell Competition in Niagara Falls, Canada. Traveling to this competition were my dear and wonderful friends and team mates Dana and Lynn. Coach Dom drove up the next morning. We made it a girls trip, which included shopping!

Once we arrived, checked in, then changed it was almost weigh-in time and more importantly almost time to eat! Weigh in seemed a little disorganized, and things definitely started off NOT on schedule. Granted, I do not always have many expectations, but when you are HUNGRY, or HANGRY you can’t make people wait. Weigh in was supposed to begin at 6pm and I think we did not weigh in until 6:20. Okay, not the greatest start. The gentleman who was doing the actual “weighing” screwed up Dana’s weight and she ended up having to do it again really Guy? So we finally ate dinner. Over done burger, anyone, Ey? We went to bed by 9pm. There is something about shopping, driving and weighing in that make 3 women very tired.

Competition Day. We were up early and while Dom, Dana and Lynn got to compete early in the day I would have to wait around until the afternoon. I generally train in the morning, and I am unsure of what my performance can be in the afternoon. The rules were supposed to be at 8:30, but of course things didn’t get rolling until about 9. What bothered me was that weigh in was the night before or you could have come early on Saturday and weighed in from 7:45-8:30, so of course they let people weigh in an hour late. Not okay.

Not all reps are created equal. But the organizers did fail to explain what a good lift/good form is compared to a bad lift/bad form/miscount. This bothered me, a lot. There were a lot of BAD reps on June 21st. What really bothered me was that only a few of the judges actually were counting GOOD REPS, because apparently I had 3 missed reps because my fixation was not there!!! OH HELL NO! If that was the case, then some judges were just not doing a good job and being way too nice. This was probably my biggest problem with the competition.

The space was also very small, a bell could have flown and went through a wall behind or hit a judge in the front.

What I did love was how friendly the ‘hosters’ were. They had all kinds of goodies, nice metals, nice trophies, and a platform!

Always lifting things up and putting them down,




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