friendly competition

Competition Day.

Today was my first (as well as my teammates) competition with the AKA (American Kettlebell Alliance). I would like to think that as a team, we came to this competition for the experience, which I like to think is the most important aspect of competition. Having never done a competition with this agency my teammates (Dana, Lynn, and Dom) and I wanted to experience something new. Things were interesting and fun, but I will write about that will be in another post.

My original plan of competing with the 24kg bell had to be re-written. I was able to do about 7 minutes with that bell, but it was exhausting so I ended up going down to the 20. I am really OVER the 20, and am ready to move up in kettlebell weight, but sometimes even though you give it all you got, it just is not going to happen, YET. But something happened with the 20 today. Finally.  And from when I wake up tomorrow morning the next 3 weeks will be focusing on another comp and a road race.

I do want to talk about what it is like to talk about before the platform, being on the platform, and the aftermath. The actual platforms we were on today were different. Athletes were very close to the walls, the ceiling was close to us and platforms very close to the judges and spectators. I have never  felt so squashed before.  I start warming up about a 1/2 hour before my set. I don’t think my teammates started as early but I like to be very warm and almost sweaty before I start- like we do at the gym- try to not let my body know if anything is different. Today, unfortunately for me women’s long cycle was at the end of the day. So Dana, Lynn and Dom all competed in the morning and I was not until around 2pm. I love lifting in the morning, so this late was hard. But I did what I always do- smushed my headphones in my ears, walked outside, away from the comp and started to move. I have a playlist I play when I lift and I put those songs on that get me moving. Then I came inside and “played” around with some bells, did some lifts, rubbed chalk all over me and it was time. Then one minute till lift. Put some gum in my mouth, it can get dry on the platform. Talk to your judge, make sure to smile and not seem like a complete asshole. Look to the left and the right. Yup, size ’em up. 3….2….1….. Go. Relax, breathe and don’t go to fast so that you get gassed. Shit. Only one minute done. 2 minutes done. 3 minutes done. Damn forearms and wrists and grip as starting to go. 4 minutes done. 4.5- can’t hold on- switch hands. 5 minutes- keep going. 6 minutes- OOO! I like this song I want to dance- no keep going! 44 pounds. It can get heavy after a while. 7 minutes- 3 minutes left, 80 reps done, keep GOINGGGG!!! 8 minutes done. 9 minutes done. The 10th minute is NO JOKE. I wanted to put/drop that bell down a few times, and I did at 9:55. Done. 108 reps completed (Goal met!!) 3 miscounts- that pisses me off (more about that later). Halleluiah! I felt pretty good, but exhausted. I heard a lot of good jobs, but I am not sure who said them. I wanted water and my protein. Then a shower. And then we came back to the comp for the “closing ceremony.” Everyone did great. And I did what I set out to do. Got my CMS (Candidate for Master of Sport) and I placed first. Shit. Like WOW. I don’t ever expect too much, because you just never know. A large group of athletes. I am proud of myself in the most humble, grateful, happy way I can be. I would not be here if it weren’t for my awesome coaches and friends and their support and push when I don’t want to push myself.

What a day. I am glad it is over and glad I can sleep and glad I am even able to do things like this. Some people are not so lucky.




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