competition preparation · workouts

Empty stomach, Heavy bells.

Just over 8 weeks until competition. I know I need to get down a few kgs, but cardio is so hard for me sometimes. I had a great lift this morning, and have been feeling it allllll day.


Row 750m, and typical warm up routine. To get moving I did single long cycle starting with 12, then 50 swings then a variety of pushups for 3 rounds. Moving on. 32kg- 10 bumps per side, then 20 deadlifts, 30kg 12 bumps per side then 24 dead lifts, 28kg- 5 jerks, 10 bumps, and 20 deadlifts. Sweating. 40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest x 6 minutes long cycle jerk with 24 kg bell (single arm). 28 kg bell 1/4 squats, L-sits- 15 second hold, back-and-forth lunges with 12 kg bell, 26kg bell 1/4 squats, L-sits, back-and-forth lunges with 14kg bell. Then I worked on my core and played with double Turkish get-ups, my weak spot being my right hip- this is why I do yoga- which I am skipping tonight to do cardio. Ugh

Lift heavy people.



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