competition preparation · when kettlebellers are sick · workouts

Workouts and colds.

Monday’s workout with Dana went okay. However, even though I did not eat a large quantitiy of food on Easter the food was not high quality as well as full of gluten and dairy.

I started with jumping rope for a few rounds and my typical warm up. While waiting for Dana to finish with a client I did some silly fun things, like falling back and standing up, to the ground and on a bosu ball- hard to describe, I’m not sure what the name is. Did three rounds of push-ups, swings and L sits. Three rounds of modified rope pull ups, step-ups with jump and ab work, Lastly, racks for 30 seconds (single arm, using 38, 30 and 32kg bells), farmer walks (using 2 24’s, 2 26’s and 2 28’s), and low back extensions. And we did not take any pics, even though I had on my new kettlebell top on. I love it, but I don’t want anyone else to have it. See it here. I am glad I did not over do it. I have asthma and when I get sick I feel it in my lungs and on the way home I started to feel pretty congested, sneezing, and boogies. Ugh. I did not go to work today, there is a lot of pressure in my head. I Think I will try to go to yoga to try to sweat it out, and then just lay low, lots a vitamin C, naps and get to work tomorrow.

Stay well



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