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Heavy bells makes me a very happy lady.

I have been back in the “swing” of things (pun intended) for a few weeks now, preparing for a competition June 21st, and then one on July 13th. I know that it is not excuse but between work, lifting, running, yoga, yard work (now that we have sun again) and of course my wonderful family it has been hard to sit in front of a computer.

Here is Saturday’s lift. I felt awesome. I was the 1st customer in the gym, had my coffee and 1/2 a banana and was ready to rock.

I did a 1500 meter row and my typical warm up shiz. To get my whole body moving I did 60 swings then goblet squats with pulsing at the bottom for three rounds, increasing my bell weight every round. Moved on to double lean forwards, which I have found are great for increasing thoracic mobility and strength- especially when pushing up 1/2 my body weight. I then had a little fun and did some double long cycle work, 10 reps with the 16s and 6 reps with the 20’s. Sometimes its just a nice reference to see where you are with doubles on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (for women). I threw in what I call a “form check” where I did a light weight- in this case 16kg and did 8 reps per side scrutinizing my form. I know where I slack, and when I am getting tired my 2nd dip is not enough if I was to be judged in competition. I moved up to the 24kg, performing one swing, then one long cycle, 40 seconds of work, 20 of rest, 3 rounds per each side. I felt good, however my left shoulder was feeling tight. I then picked up a 26 and did long cycle only, 40 on, 20 off for 4 rounds total. Then I had some fun. Alternating sides, long cycle with the 28kg bell- I did 16 reps total- far from where I have been, but it actually didn’t feel THAT bad. So I moved up. 32kg clean and bumps 8 per side and then cleaning with the 36. I feel that my glutes need some work/ size (haaaaa) so I did some glute and rotator cuff exercises, Stretched and was outta there!

Then my niece came over!!!!

I have been working out with one of my teammates/friend once to twice a week. Its been nice because she is a trainer and had great ideas- has me doing all kinds of stuff! Ill try to get her to take a few pics next time!




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