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Had to cut my workout short today because of the weather. What are you gonna do? At least shoveling snow can be counted as a workout- in my book anyway. I will make this post brief as well, because I am in need of a good nights sleep- and want to get to the gym in the morning- 0430 wake up call.

Began with the typical. Then 3 rounds of pushups, Bulgarian bag spins (the 1st exercise shown), and step ups. I will try to do a post on Bulgarian bags at some point- great for supplementing workouts and cross training. I did not feel that strong today, so I did a lot of the spins. Then 2 rounds of single hand swings (with gloves), goblet squats, and dreaded bur-pees. I have not done any bur pees since before my cold- I almost liked them a month ago! HAHA! Yeah right. Then I moved right into long cycle work. Warmed up with the 16kg, did 5 reps on each side, did Bulgarian bag spins and worked on my obliques. Then moved to the 20 kg- 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest, 5 rounds for the left and the right side. Averaged 9 reps/45 seconds. Not bad, I did a few rounds with 10 reps, but the last 2 rounds I did 8-9 reps. My fore-arms were super sore. I had planned to go up to the 22 for another few rounds, but didn’t due to time and because I was not feeling particularly strong. So I did some ab work, more Bulgarian spins, and a nice stretch. I had also planned on getting in some cardio- but our house is a disaster (due to a wasp problem from the summer) and I am so tired- so I skipped it. My diet was pretty much perfect, except for the 10-12 chocolate covered almonds I ate.



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