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Wednesday’s and Thursday’s workouts.

When I workout before work and then work all day it is hard to get motivation to blog. Today I was just busy with appointments and life.
Wednesday I focused on lower body, with some upper body mixed in as well as abs. I began with rowing and my usual warm up. Then did 3 moves and 3 rounds of the following: push-ups, deep squats with body weight only, and sit-ups. Next, l-sits, swings with the gloves (single hand,12 or 14kg bell), and stiff leg dead lifts. Throw in some Russian twists as well, the next 3 rounds consisted of snatches with gloves on (12kg), step ups (think aerobics), and pistol work with rings (to hold onto) for support. Toss in some v-sits for abs. The last 3 rounds of my workout were composed of seated presses (2 bells, 10kg each), jump lunges (not sure if that is the right name), and Bulgarian jump squats. I’m out of breathe just typing that! Finished this off with planks and scissor kicks. The last thing I did before stretching was some long cycle jerk with the 22kg bell and some wrist mobility moved (I will post a link to a video). Then stretched!!! So important and so over-looked!!
Today’s workout had a long cycle focus because I won’t get my Saturday morning lift in because we will be outta town (happy 6 years!). Performed my typical rowing and warm up then did 2 rounds of swings super-setted with squats on the bosu ball. I focused on high reps; 50 each arm for swings and 20 squats. Balancing on the bosu takes practice, it took me a little while to get comfortable but I love it. Next was 4 swings, a clean, 2 bumps and 2 jerks (that counts as one). I did this with the 16, alternated sides and did 10 total. Then rested my upper body and did some ab work. Moving on to the long cycle I did 40 seconds of work with 20 seconds of rest with the 20 kg bell for a total of 10 minutes. My coach took a little video of me, and you can view it here. Then I stretched to finish off the morning lift.

Sorry this is so late!


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