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Just another manic monday (not really)

Today’s workout was tough. Kicked my own butt and my lovely friend Lynn’s butt who joined me. Sometimes she joins me for a little bit-o-fun! She deserves a post to herself one day. What a beautiful person, and an inspiration to many!

As usual we started with a usual row and basic warm up. For this workout I changed it up a bit, doing 3 exercises, pretty much back to back, 3 times. The first round was push-ups (but had to change them each time), L-sits (great calisthenic move), and lunges with the bell in the rack position. The next 3 exercises for 3 rounds was farmer carries or farmer walks to the low back extension, back to start with the farmer carry, then deadlifts (with 2 bells). Moving on, we did double jerks, right to cleans (doubles) then swings (doubles), brief rest, 3 times. Man Makers were next. These get tough. Here is a video of man makers with dumbells, the difference being that we did 5 of all of the exercises and did 6 rounds- we were buring. I kept the weight very light. I guess I should make a video some day.  Then, when we were good and tired we did some long cycle. I like to do long cycle at the end of a workout because it keeps my form in check- like at the end of a 10 minute event. Then we finished with a basic sun salutation because stretching is crucial to help avoid injury and is great for a cool down.

I did some basic cardio in the evening- 15 minutes on the stepmill and 15 on the treadmill.

I think in my next workout I am going to do some wrist mobility work and pistol work!


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