competition preparation · workouts

saturday lift.

I love Saturday morning workouts. Getting to the gym before anyone else, knowing that I will lift more in this hour than most people lift all week. I focused strictly on my long cycle lift after a short warm up, swings, snatches, and push-ups. I love push-ups. What an easy and effective and simple exercise. Form is key. I also do a different style with each set- push-ups can be very versatile. Adding a clap, arms wide, arms narrow, using a fist, fingers spread, using a bosu ball, elevated feet, the options can go on and on. Very effective. I do them pretty much every workout. Moving to the long cycle- started with the 16, stood perpendicular to the mirror, so I would really concentrate on form. I call them my “form checks.” I find when I get tired I lose the second dip, or it becomes less noticeable. NExt, I grabbed the 28- alternated sides, did 4 reps per side. I have not been working with that bell as much as I should I have been focused on the 20. Then picked on the 24, alternated sides for 8 reps per side, the next set did another 8 reps per side. Moving to the 20- did 30 seconds of work (6-7 reps) and a 15 second rest- 4 of those per side. Then I went a little heavier- 28 15 second work, 15 second rest, down to the 26 15 second work, 15 second rest, and then the 24 15 second work, 15 second rest. I felt good after my workout, not as strong as I should, but I will get there. I see these people putting up incredible numbers at competitions- sometimes I wonder how can I ever compete with that? I guess more hard work and probably being incorporating a more strict diet will help. This cold is finally just about gone (don’t want to jinx myself) and I have my voice back!


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