when kettlebellers are sick · workouts

i am not delicate.

Lifted today. It felt good. I still have this cough and laryngitis but I made myself go to the gym. After a 4 minute row and warm up I got into it. I did turkish get-ups with the 12 and 16. I have done them with the 20 and 22 but I feel like my form becomes compromised. I super-setted my get-ups with pushups. I may feel that later today. Then moved on to squats, super-setting with swings (with gloves on). Working with the gloves increases grip strength. Then I moved on to rows (with a chain) and abs, then dead lifts with the chain. After moved to long cycle- albeit brief- because I was having a coughing fit. Then I stretched and left the gym with my protein in hand.


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