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7 weeks.

Today marks 7 weeks until the First Annual Pan American Kettlebell Sport Championship in Columbus, Ohio. This competition is being organized by the AKA. I would like to go. Even with this lingering cold, I should be ready, for either the 24kg or 20 kg bell. The problem I have with this competition, is really with those organizing it because it appears to me that they can not answer the simple question of when is weigh in? The evening before, morning of the competition? Hello!!! People it is not a difficult question. I would like to compete, but with registration being almost $100 I can’t justify that until I have details. I also have to drive and find a hotel- not a cheap weekend. I am still not feeling that great, I am hoping that this week I will be just about back to normal, and hope to be working on my endurance.

I also find that the better I eat, the better I feel and perform in the gym. Diet is really so important, and yes, while I agree food should be enjoyed and celebrated, in day-to-day life, we should be conscious of what we put in out mouths, it should be non GMO, organic and honored for what it can do for our bodies.

Today’s workout was brief. I focused on swings, some thoracic work and some more traditional weights. I also worked on my legs, because explosive power is so important when doing the long cycle lift. I also did some pull-ups and chin-ups. What I really want to develop is my pistol squat. I am thinking of also starting running again today. It is great for the endurance aspect of a 10 minute event.


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