kettlebell nostalgia

the world of kettlebell

I do not know much about the origination of the sport of kettlebell, but I do know that it started in Russia and is a very old style of strength training. After all this time, it is now an “almost” common type of exercise here in the states. You will find it on TV shows, exercise DVDs, gyms, infomercials….you get it. There are 2 styles of kettlebell in the states. A fitness style kettlebell that is very rigid and there is Girevoy Sport which is the competitive style, which believe it or not is much more relaxed. I love kettlebell. It makes me happy in ways I can not describe. It has helped my body as much as my mind. It helps me clear my mind. I may have many stained shirts from kettlebells, but those stains remind me of what I have done, and what I can do. My coach and my teammates inspire me everyday. I am 31 years old (I hate admitting that) and wish I discovered kettlebell a long time ago. I wish the world of kettlebell and all of its associations and groups could come together to make the sport better as well as have some kind of continuity. They seem to constantly fight and bicker- when people like me just want to lift, but find the differences in rules and regulations (per agency) very confusing. And no one just posts a plain old calender of competitions and their details.

Anyway, 2013 was a fairly busy year for me/us. I started my Master’s Degree- which I ended up quitting. Did a few 5k’s and a 1/2 marathon and 2 kettlebell competitions. My goals for 2014 are to compete in maybe 4-5 competitions, and I would love to do another 1/2. I enjoy running and work to keep in my training to keep on track with the cardio aspect of 10 minute events. I will try to blog a few times a week documenting my progress, workouts, frustrations, and try to pass on some good ole’-fashioned kettlebell knowledge.

Cindy, your kettlebeller.


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